In good order; trim and neat.
“He checked that everything was shipshape”

Curt Arnold

President, operator, and inspector for Shipshape  Home Inspections llc

Im here to find what the untrained eye might miss

Discovered a double tap in a breaker.
Thermal image showing energy loss through the attic access.
Discovered an open ground on a receptacle.
Searching for any plumbing leaks.

I go the extra mile

Hire someone who will get up on roofs, and get dirty in crawlspaces. These are critical areas of a house that need some extra examination.

Flat roof inspection (ROLL ROOFING)

Flat roofs are low sloped roofs that are very common on additions, porches, and carports. They only work if the roof has enough slope for water to shed off. Here there is a low spot where evidence of water pooling is observed.

Crawlspaces inpsection

It is critical to get a good look at the structure of the house if possible. Many hidden issues can dwell in crawlspaces.  W.D.O damage, moisture damage, lack of insulation, unstable foundation, electrical, and plumbing just to name a few. Let me check it before you commit. 

Gable Roof inspection (asphalt shingle)

Gable Roof Inspection

Roofs in the Florida heat do not last the usual life expectancy. The heat causes the shingles to deteriorate. When a strong storm or hurricane blows by you can have weak shingles such as this one, tear off. This is now an entry point for water intrusion.

Im Also a skilled Handy Man. Let My Inside Knowledge Serve You To Find Any Cut Corners Or Poor Workmanship!

My Kitchen remodel (D.I.Y) before.

My kitchen remodel (D.I.Y) after!

Servicing Tampa Bay and surrounding areas!

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