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Curt Arnold Hi-11078

President and Sole operator of Shipshape Home Inspections llc.

Hire someone with more than just the basics!

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Certified Mobile/Manufactured Home Inspector

Mobile and Manufactured homes buyers should ALWAYS get a full home inspection by a certified home inspector. There are many important differences that should be inspected on these homes. Items like strapping and anchoring, marriage lines, and proper bonding of the framing to electrical grounds. Hire me as your certified mobile/manufactured home inspector!

If you're looking for thoroughness, Im your guy!

Just a little roofing tar...
What I find. Major moisture intrusion, causing structural damage..
Major damage to chimney chase and is now a fire hazard.

I go the extra mile

Hire someone who will get up on roofs, get into attics, and get dirty in crawlspaces. These are critical areas of a house that need some extra examination.

Attic inspections

Attics are a critical structural area that should always be inspected if possible. I try to get into every attic that is accessible and safe so my clients can be aware of possible major issues such as this broken structural truss chord (one or two). Thankfully my clients hired Shipshape to know of any major issues like this before closing. 

Crawlspaces inpsection

It is critical to get a good look at the structure of the house if possible. Many hidden issues can dwell in crawlspaces.  Plumbing leaks are also very common issue found in crawlspaces. Here there was an open sewer line that was dumping sewage on to the crawlspace floor. This can cause structural damage and health hazards. 

Roof inspections

Gable Roof Inspection

Roofs in the Florida heat do not last the usual life expectancy. The heat causes the shingles to deteriorate. When a strong storm or hurricane blows by you can have weak shingles such as this one, tear off. This is now an entry point for water intrusion.

Servicing Tampa Bay and surrounding areas!

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